Research To Capture Innovation Early

Chattlechain aims to identify blockchain innovation early, capitalize on the opportunities, and provide long-term value to investors.
Early Adopters

Blockchain can have long flat adoption curves as inertia and lack of understanding can delay their embrace.

Main Market

Performance tends to decline during the gap between the early adopters and mass market acceptance.

Tatal Market

Growth can accelerate quickly. Many truly blockchain are platforms in “winner takes most” markets.

Take advantage of
four market inefficiencies

We believe the opportunities resulting from disruptive innovation often are underestimated or misunderstood by traditional investors. Chattlechain identifies four market inefficiencies that may cause investors to miss out on future growth driven by disruptive innovation.

The Market’s
Short-Term Time

“The market easily can be distracted by short-term price movements, losing focus on the long-term effect of blockchain technologies. We believe there is a time arbitrage to take advantage of. Chattlechain seeks opportunities that offer growth over 2-4 years that the market ignores or underestimates.”

Saddle Adoption Curve of Innovation

the market

A combination of automatic rebalancing, dynamic stop losses and active trading, both automatic and manual, ensures our investors get the best results.

Our performance - Q1 2021
Our Clients
Quality Vetting

We research and monitor investments using in-house analysts with blockchain industry experience and knowledge.


We minimize losses through investments distribution between various marketplaces and instruments.

Analysis & Algorithms

Experience in blockchain markets combined with Innovation knowledge and modern algorithms applied to the crypto environment.

The Chattlechain Insiders will point you to today’s top
moneymaking opportunities in the markets.
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