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Our blockchain funds returned +458.72% on average over the past year!

The Investment
Landscape is Changing.

We believe today the global traditional financial system is undergoing the largest technological transformation in history thanks to blockchains evolving the financial industry.

Bitcoin Alpha

The Bitcoin Fund aims to outperform Bitcoin returns by utilizing options and lending strategies to offer both downside protection and additional yield.

Crypto Hedged

Crypto Hedged is a smart fund which provides investors with exposure to the top crypto, while limiting loss of capital through a dynamic cash hedging mechanism.

Chattlechain Ventures

Chattlechain venture capital fund designed to provide investors with diversified exposure to the returns of early stage investing in the blockchain industry

Early-Stage Token

The Early-Stage Token Fund invests in teams building new protocols in the blockchain ecosystem and follows an early-stage, venture-style model.

The Chattlechain Insiders will point you to today’s top
moneymaking opportunities in the markets.
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